19 August 2009

Phone SMS Usability

When looking for a new phone, my father will only insist on Nokia phones. "Superior usability," he says. I know a lot of people who are reluctant to switch away from Nokia because they really do interfaces quite well. But my Motorola phone has a little usability trick that is so effective I'm surprised I don't see it in Nokia phones.

My phone (Motorola ROKR E2) keeps a list of 5 Most Messaged numbers. So after I type my SMS, it's very likely my recipient is already at the top of the list. That's way more convenient that searching through the entire list for your friend's name, or (like what I did with my Nokia last time) append a special character in front of their names so it will appear first.

What can your non-Nokia phone do that Nokia should learn?


William said...

That feature is found in my Nokia Xpress Music.

I just hate their alarm function. No multiple alarms.

TZ said...

hello, I'm TZ... I found your blog layout very interesting... Anyway, I'm always the fans of Nokia :)

Zemien said...

William: Whoops! Shows how much I know abt the latest phones.

TZ: Thanks for stopping by! Do try some other brands, u might be pleasantly surprised ;)