27 August 2009

Hair Length

I heard an interesting 'factoid' being quoted frequently when I was getting my hair done at the hairdresser's.

"Men's hair always grow faster than women's."

Huh, I didn't know! Could it be true? Is there something in our DNA that determines hair growth?

The answer, simply, is that they were looking at the wrong number. Instead of looking at absolutes, they looked at relativity. And it's true - human brains are qualitative, not quantitative. So we say things like, "My house is bigger than yours", but rarely "My house is 200 square feet larger than yours".

Assume hair growth for both males and females is 3cm per month. On a guy with 3cm of hair, it would look like his hair has doubled in length within a month. But for a girl with 30cm hair, it would only appear that her hair has changed 10%, a slight change to the casual observer. So it's only natural for our flawed brains to perceive men's hair as growing faster than women's.


Thank you, I just saved you 60 minutes of watching Mythbusters.


Mark said...

Yes yes, thanks for the enlightening trivia


William said...

I don't know if mine grows faster than women's, but I do know it grows like lalang. :P

Zemien said...

Mark: ..... Bitch.

William: Which is so great for hairstylists to bend it to their will! Unlike my stubborn curls.

ikanbilis said...

i got my haircut last month and now its kembang again. muahauaha

my curls are curlier than ever!