04 November 2006

... in Small Packages

(You must read yesterday's post for this one to make sense)

I gasped. A package from Durex! For me! And then, a light of realization dawned and I smiled cheekily.

Every year, Durex holds an International Sex Survey. I joined the latest one many months back. After completing the VERY LENGTHY survey, I browsed their site for a little while and stumbled upon the product page for their (then) new Easy-On condoms. The name should be quite self-explanatory - it allows the condom to be put on easier.

At that time they were looking for survey participants to try out the Easy-On condoms and give feedback. If I remember correctly, they were looking for sexually active males aged 24-35 (or something like that). Well, you can't expect me to turn down the chance to get free condoms, so I lied about my details in order to make me eligible!

They did not reply me about my status so I had forgotten about it in a month's time. And lo and behold! It's been about 6 months and they finally sent a small 3-pack, in addition to a simple survey I have to complete and mail back.

When I realized what it was, I SMSed Dad:
"Oh i remember. Saw they were giving out free samples on their website abt 6 months ago while I was still in college. Thought they juz tipu tipu. Thanks again!"

As if to compound the embarrassment that I was already feeling, Dad asked:
"Sample wat? Durex famous 4 condom."

At this point I think he's being really ignorant and I just SMSed back:
"Yes condoms of coz. Dunno wat else they put inside. Feel free to open and inspect"

Being in the traditionally conservative Chinese family, parents never talk sex or about sex to their kids. In fact, I think this is the closest we ever came to discussing safe sex!

Anyway, the one they sent me was Fetherlite:

You can apply for a free sample, but I tried that last time and they didn't send anything to me. Don't bother asking why I need so many condoms. Let's just say they're not for baloons.


Innocent^^Guy said...

featherlite good...suit u...feather lite is for those who's little bro is as light as feather due to the minimal size...it fits u perfectly!!!

Nola..jk only..haha
I mean i was joking about the meaning of feather lite..

ain't joking about ur little brother though...haha

William said...

Would it mean that it "floats up by itself"?

Years back, I too received some samples from a company that I think isn't around anymore. My mother was flabbergasted.

Innocent^^Guy said...

no..u know like in boxing? there is heavyweight, light weight and featherweight? and it kinda refers to the weight class of the boxers and subsequently the size of them?

yea...it kinda applies too, to ur "ehem"......haha

ZemieN said...

inno: size is relative. Don't be too sure you're a heavyweight! :P

william: Did she ask probing questions on what you intend to do with it? I'm glad Dad didn't

William said...

Nah, she didn't. I just brushed it off. It ended up at the bottom of a drawer. The problem with parents sometimes opening your mail.

ShaZaReenE said...

i don't receive anything but bills in ym mails now... i think they gave up...