09 November 2006

Down a Slippery Slope

Here I am at another boring (and technical) company training. I'm not sure if it's the lack of rest or the instructor's sheer monotony but I keep dozing off in the middle of his explanations, thus missing out large chunks of the logic behind the theory.

To help me stay awake, I have resorted to energy drinks that contain 25g of sugar, colourful Mentos candy, and lots of tea with milk and sugar. Another colleague is also using sugary treats to keep her alert. In fact, her drawer is so full of candy that any ant reading this would have orgasmed when it read "her drawer is so full of candy".

And then we wonder why we get diabetes at 50.


William said...

Make it 35. :P. Sugar highs will just make you sleepier after a while.

cibetronic said...

r u having double sugar or too much sweet till 1 is not enuf? lolx. u got double posts!

ZemieN said...

Ugh! Must be the sugar high!

I actually sent the post through e-mail. But it never appeared, so I posted it manually. Mana tau now only come!