27 November 2006

Exciting Teaching Techniques

In a Star article today, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Noh Omar was quoted:
Meanwhile, Noh urged teachers to apply “exciting techniques” when teaching Science and Mathematics in English.

What does it mean by 'exciting techniques'? If these ministers do not define their words clearly, we'll soon have such things happening in schools:

Pretty female teacher enters her Science class in an all-boys school. "Good morning class!" she addresses her students in her sexy, sultry voice.

"Good morning, teacher!" the boys enthusiastically replied.

The teacher started her lecture, "Our lecture today covers the female anatomy. Now, the Deputy Education Minister has instructed teachers to apply exciting techniques when teaching Science, so for today we're going to try something different. Let's examine the female mammary gland, or more specifically," (rips open her tight blouse) "my mammary glands".

The whole class gasped.

"Don't you boys worry, you'll get to examine it up close personally later if you all pay attention. For now, let's focus on labelling each part of the... Jeffrey, why are your hands covering the front of your pants? Alex, Velu, you too! Now, it's ok if you're a little excited- it's a normal reaction for boys. The scientific term for that is an erection, and we'll learn more about its importance when we go into the topic of reproduction soon."

"And for those of you not having an erection, that's normal too. You're just gay, and we'll be covering that in next month's genetics lecture."

Come to think of it, that's not half-bad at all. You have my vote, Datuk Noh!


moses said...

God Zemien!.. you had such imagination! must be one of the imaginations you had when get hots for your Prof. ;p

Anonymous said...

Quit your job, you have a future as a porn script writer.