11 October 2010


Humans settle easily into their comfort zones, and love to complain about their current state even though it is much better than ever before.

I was reminded of this during one of our lunches at the BlogFest.Asia conference 2 weekends ago. Borey, the Cambodian remarked something along the lines of, "Malaysians do things opposite from us. In Cambodia we eat a lot of rice with just a bit of the side dishes. Here, you guys eat very little rice with lots of side dishes."

And it struck me - yes, we're lucky. Malaysia is one of the most prosperous countries in South East Asia and this has enabled us to have better food, including the ability to have more side dishes than rice. I believe most of us are oblivious to this fact - I am certainly guilty of taking only very little rice but load up on side dishes.
Other countries may not have that luxury.

Decisions, decisions... (from Penang Foods)

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William said...

You can start by heaping on the rice. :)