05 October 2010

2010 BlogFest.Asia (Day 0)

As mentioned previously, I was at the 2010 BlogFest.Asia event over the weekend.

There was barely any publicity at all, and if not for a chance sighting in The Star's Metro North section about the event, I wouldn't have known about it! Was it poor PR, or by design to prevent Malaysians dominating the event, I'll never know.

[Before reading further, I need to state clearly that I didn't go to the event with an eye to document it. So my posts about this event will be heavily skewed and biased to what I've seen. If I were a real blogger/journalist, I would have at least interviewed the organizers, but as you already know, I Am Not A Blog =)]

The event actually started the night before, with a welcome dinner at QEII (food review by Criz Lai) hosted by the Ministry of Tourism. This was easily the best meal of the entire weekend, as QEII can be considered fine dining. The buffet spread was tempting, with salads, mushroom soup (heavenly!), fried rice, NZ beef (I missed this), lamb, chicken, vegetables, and spaghetti bolognese.

I know "lamb, chicken, vegetables" made it sound like I'm having chinese economy rice, but I was too hungry to properly write down the names and take blurry pictures with my point-and-shoot. As you know, I Am Not A (food) Blog =) [Darn, I love quoting my own domain name in sentences]

You're just gonna have to take my word that it was awesome, delicious, and everything a decent buffet should be. And you can't beat free flow beer, although I restrained myself to a small glass.

I went there alone with the intention of making new friends, especially foreign ones. Mission Failed. People were in their own comfortable cliques and there was no ice breaking event (understandably quite difficult to do it there) to let us mingle. I'm not known as a social butterfly, so I was awkwardly walking around fluttering my ugly moth wings instead. (I did meet some old acquaintances and a colleague, but I didn't stay too long with them because, you know, I wanted to meet new people!)

Anyhow I went off at about 9.30 because I was going nowhere with the socializing and was really tired after my cardio class at 6.

[Day 1 continued]

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