18 October 2010


(written from the perspective of a fictional six year old)

I have a cat. Her name is Cleo.

I don't know where she come from. One day, Shawn gor gor bring back this white cat. He call this cat Cleopatra because he says she acts like a queen. Daddy said Cleo cannot come into the house because she is not our cat. But Cleo love our house very much. She likes to come and sleep and lie down on the floor. I like to rub her stomach and Cleo love it too! She will turn here turn there and rub her face on my leg.

Cleo is special. She cannot meow meow much like other cats. She will only meow a lot when we want to give her food. We will usually give her the food we do not eat, like chicken skin and extra rice. Sometimes I only eat little bit so that Cleo will have rice to eat.

Many many months ago, Cleo's stomach start to become bigger. Shawn gor gor says it is because she is pregnant and will have babies! We are so happy to see when Cleo make 2 baby cats. The baby cat is very cute and I hold them in my hands. But we cannot keep them inside so I don't know where Cleo take them.

A few weeks later we see a baby cat following Cleo. I only see 1 baby cat. This baby cat is very shy! I try to touch her but she always run away and hide behind Cleo. At first she only drink milk from Cleo but after a few months she eat together with her mummy. She keep growing bigger and bigger and one day she is not shy with us anymore.

Cleo (white) with her main offspring
Then a few months ago, Cleo's tummy start becoming bigger again. I can see gor gor and daddy are not happy with this. Daddy also stop feeding them because he said they are not our cats. But the cats still come to our house when there is no food. Last Saturday, Cleo give us 3 more baby cats again. Gor gor and daddy decide to phone SPCA to take them away. I was sad because I don't know what will happen to them.

SPCA come in big metal lorry. The uncle ask me to bring the cat to the lorry. Daddy carry Cleo and I carry the 3 baby cats. We put them in a metal box. Cleo was relaxed and didn't fight back. Maybe that is why Shawn think she is a queen and call her Cleopatra. I also catch the other baby cat (now quite a big cat) and put her in another cage. But this cat very angry and try to run away. Lucky the uncle is fast enough to close the door.

Daddy gave some money as donation to SPCA, then the lorry go away.

I wonder how is Cleo doing. =(

When you need to rest, just lay your head down

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