10 May 2009


In a few more hours I'll have to wake up and get ready for my business trip to Beijing. So many things to worry about that I haven't had time to reflect. But here are my general goals during my trip:
  1. Improve my spoken Mandarin
  2. Thanks to the paid meals, I can afford to eat heartily everyday. So gotta take this chance to bulk up. Operation:Eat ain't over! It's just going international.
  3. Visit some tourist sites, though I don't know how much free time I actually have.
  4. Learn up some old BodyJam releases. Free from the pressures of clearance and 2 classes/week, I should spend time becoming a better dancer.
Stay safe till I'm home!

1 comment:

wilson said...

Imagine a fit, sexy banana-bodyjammer shouting " Yi Er Shan Shi, Er Er Shan Shi... ", interesting !!!