12 May 2009


Like yesterday morning, we took the taxi to work. On our way there MK (my female colleague) had to shield her face from the glaring sun as it's really burning her up. I gave her the newspaper to cover her side.

I began wondering, why did this not happen yesterday? We were using the same route but we didn't have such a bright sun getting us all hot around the collar.

Then I realized: Beijing is having a blue sky day!

For those following the Olympics last year a lot of brouhaha was raised surrounding Beijing's dismal air quality, wayyy above the WHO's safety level. And it's true. For most of the day all we see is smog in the air and the sidewalks are very dusty.

But today we got to see the first blue sky since we landed here. And the air quality is so much better, plus we could see further. Without a cloud in the sky it can get hot, but at least it will make a great outing to parks.

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