26 February 2009

Operation: Eat

Gotten so bored with the template that I've changed it again. You may have trouble viewing the quick links at the top in IE. Well, here's my tech support: Use Firefox/Chrome/Safari.

Anyway, besides being busy with BodyJam 48, I now have another long-term project that most people can only dream about: EAT! The mission, that I've chosen to accept, is simple: gain 10 pounds (4.5 kg) over the next 3 months. This comes up to about gaining 1 pound a week.

I've created a new tag (operationeat) to chronicle my journey. It's all accessible from the header now.

I guess the main question is why the sudden change in attitude from my previous rant?

Well, I found a nice tool online (WebMD Food & Fitness Planner). It's a free tool that allows me to search for foods I've eaten and lists out the calories and nutritional information of those items. So I journaled my eating for a few days and was surprised to find that I'm undereating. Technically speaking, I'm taking in fewer calories than I burn everyday, thus accounting for my thin appearance!

So the mission now is to reverse that trend. I have to make a conscious effort to eat, eat, eat. In fact, I'm feeling a hunger pang right now. Off to lunch!

In my next post I will flesh out my plan of action, beginning March.

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