25 February 2008

I'm Underweight!

Wouldn't you know it, I'm in the underweight class!

My company is having a health week and there were several booths from direct selling companies (Pharmanex, HerbaLife, etc) peddling their wares. HerbaLife was offering a free body stat measurement so I went for it even though I knew it won't be accurate after lunch.

Well, accurate or not I'm grinning from ear to ear because according to the results I'm in the small frame class for my height. I really didn't know how the salesgirl was going to spin their products but apparently, HerbaLife protein mixes can help you lose weight, gain weight, improve complexion, and save the world. It was an enjoyable spiel but I kept a clear head. Perhaps if I was put in the overweight category I would have been more tempted to buy!

At any rate, here are my stats for my personal record and gloating:
Weight: 73.8kg
Body Fat: 15.7% (how come my home reader never goes below 19%?)
Body Water Range: 61.7% (Good)
Muscle Mass: 59kg (must... make... it... higher!)
Basal Metabolism Rate: 1792 (equiv. to an 18 year old!)
Bone Mass: 3.2kg (Good)
Visceral Fat: 6kg (Approaching danger zone - must monitor)

Seriously though, I do need to gain more muscle mass and definition. There's the love handles to worry about, but I think it's more important to build first, then lean down.

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William said...

Visceral fat is a dirty word!