18 February 2008

A Little Break for My Knees

(This post is a little incoherent and severely unedited, sorry)

For 2 months, Dec & Jan, I actually taught another aerobics class in Greenlane. Jastin and I did the usual stuff from our Thursday class but participation didn't pick up and we decided to hang our boots (Nikes?). A major reason is that participants had to pay RM20/month and I guess that turned them off. So at one point I taught 3 classes a week and it was really hard to arrange tracks so I don't get bored. I really admire full time instructors who can teach the same playlist 5 times or more every week.

Anyways, I was down to 2 classes a week and this past week I took leave from my Friday class at the company gym. They're renovating the entire place and building a new multi-purpose exercise hall (finally!). That means when I come back after a 2 month hiatus I won't have to teach in that cramped space anymore.

So now I'm down to 1 class a week, and I'm trying to enjoy it while I can. My knees still feel a bit weak at times, but they rarely hurt. This will be a good time to catch up on choreographing my next musicals-themed release. Musicals, you ask?

I love musicals but I've never watched actual stage productions, just movie interpretations. My appreciation started with Moulin Rouge and continued most recently with Hairspray (what's there not to love?!?). I've yet to watch Sweeney Todd, but from what I've heard it's quite the dark masterpiece.

So I decided a few months back after watching Hairspray for the second time to do a musicals-themed release. It'll be a dance-based workout filled with songs from musicals, and it's turning out to be harder to choreograph than I thought! The very first issue is to actually select suitable tracks. Here are a few that I've chosen, but I'm expecting you to contribute a few suggestions of your own!
  • Overture/All That Jazz from Chicago (great warmup & isolations)
  • Hindi Sad Diamonds from Moulin Rouge (Bollywood, what else?)
  • Several songs from Hairspray (add-on block, ~20 mins!)
  • Something from "Phantom of Opera" for recovery or cooldown. Thinking of either "Music of the Night" or "Think of Me".
I might want to squeeze in something from Dreamgirls, but was hoping for something more Broadway-esque in my playlist. Anything to recommend? I haven't watched enough musicals to know any better.


Wilson said...

songs from Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Amelie or Perhaps Love ( Chinese Musical )are not bad too !!

joshua said...

just to stray a lil, is there nothing happening in ur life besides GYM?

and try glucosamine+chondroitin for the knee. this new safe concoction is 3 times more effective in relieving that kinda pain.

Live-well is the generic buatan Malaysia kind but works quite well. If you have like extra ka-ching, try the GNC one.

zemien said...

wilson: Thanks for your input...

joshua: well, yes, there are other interesting things happening but I can't write about those HERE ;)

I've always been taking glu+cho supplements. Bought the jumbo bottle from GNC. Damn expensive tho. After I finish I'll be going back to plain glucosamine for maintenance.