09 March 2008

The Govt Should be Afraid of Its People

I'm so glad that I got off my butt and registered as a voter, coz now I'll never forget my first election vote! I helped make a difference in Penang.
This really goes to show that people should not be afraid of the government - it's their choice, their representation.
Meanwhile, the propaganda yarn over at The Star is in full production. Check out this gem - which lamented that MIC leadership is in shambles due to Samy's loss, and therefore, Indians will have no voice in Parliament. Halfway through I had to check if it was an opinion piece. Surprisingly, it's considered news!
Check out the last paragraph:
Because of the defeat in some states, Indian representation is nil, making it a challenging task for the Barisan Nasional power-sharing formula to work. 
What power sharing? The reason they lost heavily this time is because they kept promising power-sharing but we only see the Umno puppet master pulling the strings.
Anyway, today's the dawn of a new era.


SilverHaze said...

Inilah barisan kita....... Eh, wait change tune d.

Now it's inilah alternatif kita.........

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