07 September 2007

The BodyJam Diaries

I've decided, against all reason, to go for BodyJam training next month in Klang.

I've actually had half a heart to get certified for some time, but I always thought the next training session would be in 2008. To my surprise a session was announced to be held at Y-Fitness, 19-21 Oct 2007. It costs RM930 just for the training fee, but I feel I'm ready to get certified.

Ever since I started teaching I've been preparing for this day. I'm considered lucky because I got to start teaching at a couple of places without any certification. But to actually get a class at established gyms require a certification.

Gawd, I'm rambling! I've been 'off the hook' lately with this news. I have to get physically and mentally prepared for the 3 day training. I never thought I could dance but I've enjoyed every minute of BodyJam, and now it's time to answer that question "So You Think You Can Dance?" with pizazz.

I'll be keeping you guys updated on my progress, on this road to becoming a BodyJam instructor. And if you're an instructor I would love to hear how you got through training.


Wilson said...

Believe in yourself, and i m very sure that you can do it ! Support ! Support !

William said...

Hope you've found out how to get there and settled the lodging. Good luck!