24 September 2007

Preparations for BodyJam Training

So... the registration is official and I'm going for the training next month. As expected, we'll be training on BodyJam 42, a great release IMHO. Here's my thoughts on each block and how I think I will do if I have to present them:

1. Boogie 2Nite - Booty Luv
Super super easy! I'd be grinning all the way to the gym if I only had to present this.

2. Tambourine - Eve
The hip movements are a bit tricky. I get a bit messed up when having to add in the arm/chest pop. And I'm not even cueing it yet! Not to mention I feel weird getting 'down n heavy' as hip hop just ain't my style! Screw Up Probability (SUP): 60%

3. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - John legend
4. Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez
Easy latin block in this release. It's important to get my posture right, plus I still can't get the "boom!" right when J.Lo comes in. The leg curl can get a bit confusing if I suddenly switched between participant and presenter. SUP: 30%

Contemporary Rock
5. Do It Again - Mega NuRave Styles and DJ'Little'Rippa
6. One And Only - Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy
Considerably easy too, but the first song has a lot of break-down parts to it and I don't have the song to memorize to. I'm improving my 'center' so I don't get dizzy that much when I'm doing the turn and leap. Have to get the "rock" attitude in as well. SUP: 45%

7. Umbrella - Rihanna feat. Jay-Z
Oh! Beautiful beautiful song and moves! I'm not sure how authentic my hip scrape is, but the heel lift and heel drop shouldn't be a problem. I just have to work on putting the emotions into my cueing. SUP: 10%

Jam de Podium
8. Sexual Healing - Alibi vs. Rockefeller
9. Get Down - Groove Armada
10. Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) - Global Deejays feat. Tecnotronic
11. Rain Down Love - Freemasons feat. Siedah Garrett
My biggest fear at the moment! I'll never have to present all 4 tracks, but any 2 tracks would be scary. I've got no problem with the entire routine but it's the break-down moves that I haven't mastered. And the whole block is heavily edited so it's useless if I can find the original songs. SUP: 85%!

Groove Down
12. Beautiful Liar - Beyonce feat. Shakira
Easy as well. As with Umbrella, got to put more sexiness in my cues and hip roll. SUP: 15%

The SUP will go straight down to 0% if I had the DVD to work with, but I'm not going to ask my current BodyJam instructor for it. And it'll be so unethical. Plus, I wanna prove that I can learn it by myself in that short period of time. I gotta summon my old Straight-A Student personality back from college for this one...


yw[2k] said...

Hehe... Nice to meet another Jammer here within Blogspot.

Although the training has been postponed, don't give up ok!

Visit us here in KL when you come down, as we have quite a rowdy bunch here too!

Zemien said...

Thanks for dropping by! I'll read thru yr blog real soon too!

Happy Jamming!