04 May 2011

Costs of Moving to NZ

This is in the final post in the series I wrote about my preparation to move to New Zealand. The 'New Zealand' tag will bring up all related posts.

Since Day 1 I've kept a running total of how much it cost me to fulfill my dream of moving here. Of course I've spent much more the moment I touched Auckland soil, but this was the bare minimum to get me here in the first place. This post is really only useful for Malaysians.

Note: I omitted airfare, but in case you're interested I paid RM3035 for a one-way MAS ticket (it was the peak post-Christmas period). You'll fare better with budget airlines and off-peak journeys.

Certificate of Good Conduct
Commissioner of Oath to verify application form (RM4/page) x 4 = RM16
Postal Order to "Akauntan Negara Malaysia" = RM20.50
Pos Express A4 envelope as return envelope = RM4.50
Pos Daftar mail to the Foreign Ministry = RM2.50

NZQA Qualifications Assessment*
Apply course structure from INTI = RM24
NZQA International Qualification Assessment (NZ$770) = RM1750.00
UPS Express Saver delivery = RM89

Silver Fern Job Search Visa
Online application fee (NZ$200) = RM460.00
UPS Express Saver passport delivery to receiving office = RM50
Return courier fee = SGD20 = RM50

Medical Checkup = RM260.00

Passport photos = RM17
Passport renewal = RM300
English translation of driver's license = RM10
Parcel shipment by sea (15kg) = RM81.10

* Depending on the visa you are applying and where your tertiary qualifications are obtained from, you may not need to incur this cost.


sampi said...

Your blog is really nice and thank for sharing your experience with us. By the way what are the items that you shipped by sea.


Sylvia Toh said...

Hi there,

How are you?
I'm waiting for my silver fern job search visa approval now.

Actually I have dropped you an email back to the month of March, but there's no reply from you yet.

Basically, do you mind if I have any queries about NZ, can I seek for your advice?

My name is Sylvia.
Nice to meet you.

Zemien said...

sampi: I just shipped clothes and shoes. Personal belongings are the best things to ship - no hassle from Customs.

Sylvia: I don't remember receiving your email. Where did you send them to? Under NZ law, only registered advisors can provide immigration help. I found a lot of people sharing their experience on http://www.emigratenz.org/forum which is also where I asked a lot of questions. It's better to put your queries there, so that even if I don't know the answer, another person might! Good luck!

Sylvia Toh said...

I sent to scool85@hotmail.com.

Well, thanks for that link.
Basically I didn't mean to get any formal advice from u, just thoughy of get to know a new friend, for sharing your experience especially in New Zealand?

Good luck to you too!

Pooh-Fan said...
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Pooh-Fan said...

I have been granted silver fern visa :). Thank you for all these posts. They have been very helpful. All the best to you. Cheers.

TalentsFromIndia said...


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