03 May 2011

80% Winter Mode

While the northern hemisphere celebrates spring and all things life-giving, we on the other side of the world are bucking up for winter.

Here are 3 ways my habits have changed:
  1. I'm using a Thermos flask to keep hot drinking water. I avoid keeping water in plastic drinking bottles as it gets cold too fast. And I've been drinking more tea than usual - my preference is green tea or rooibos tea.
  2. I bought a hot water bottle (a.k.a. hot water bags)! They're now selling it for about $6 and I'm actually impressed it keeps the heat well through the night. Starts off being too hot to touch, but by 4am (early chill) it's perfect to place on the chest. My electric blanket has also been switched to Level 2 (out of 3 possible heat levels).
  3. I'm skipping morning showers. Instead I fill a small plastic tub with warm water and use a face towel to wipe up. Only thing missing is a white "Good Morning" towel to give me a nostalgic tingle! (My fingers and toes are still tingling, but from the cold and not nostalgia)
  4. Credit: Little Thoughts

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