22 April 2011

Review: YWCA Hamilton

I spent 2 nights at the Hamilton YWCA hostel. You do not need to be young nor female to stay here, and they are the most value-for-money hostel near to the city.

From the main road

Activities hall/office

Flat units

For $30 a night you get a small, but private, single room like the one below:

A single room
It even comes with a towel, a rarity for hostels. They are also open for long term stays, and I've seen a few residents who look like they've been there for quite a while. If I remember correctly, the weekly rent is $140 for a single.

The main disadvantages:
  • Still relatively far from the city centre, compared to other hostels. It's not within the free city circuit bus network, so you need to walk slightly more than 1km to Victoria St.
  • Common kitchen has limited utensils. Each resident is given a sauce pan (small pot), a bowl, a small plate, a large plate, a small cup, and a pair of fork and spoon. They have some knives and chopping board in the kitchen, but there are no other pots and pans. I had to get really creative with cooking my meals.

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