19 April 2011

I Return. Slowly.

Responsibilities of being an adult are quickly catching up on me. Weekends are not filled with 6 hour video game marathons or hanging out at the gym. Rather, the carpet beckons to be vacuumed, my laundry needs to be washed, and my car needs to be treated.

Then on Sundays I spend an average 4 hours cooking my meals for the coming work week. I'll be  blogging about this week-long cooking practice later - definitely interesting for all you bachelors out there.

With all that activity crowding my free time, forgive me if I am not punctual with my posts. I did a quick check at my stats and I'm still getting a healthy 50 hits a day, so I'll try not to disappoint! First order of the day is to quickly write up my holiday posts from the summer. Autumn chill is already encroaching so it'll be a good reminder of nice weather gone by.

You can also expect lots of "Photo of the day" posts instead of long write ups like this.

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