02 February 2011

Sending a Parcel

Note: This is in the series of blog posts I wrote about my preparation to move to New Zealand. Although I am already in Auckland, I'll be continuing with this and completing the series in 3 weeks. The original date stamps will give you an idea of how time-consuming migration takes. The 'New Zealand' tag will bring up all related posts.

[Originally posted 16/12/2010]
Malaysia Airlines provided me with a 20kg allowance for checked baggage (I managed to squeeze through 24) so I knew that wasn't enough to bring everything I wanted to. As a result I had to buy a box for my extra clothes. Here's a list of helpful guidelines specifically for sending parcels from Malaysia to New Zealand:
  • It's recommended to send only clothes and personal belongings to avoid being taxed by New Zealand Customs. Food items and furniture (especially wood!) will likely cause hassle on your part.
  • If you are re-using a box, it's recommended (but optional) to wrap your parcel in brown paper and tie it with twine. The plain brown paper makes your destination address stand out clearer.
  • Take note of the maximum box size restrictions. I read it wrongly and had to take it home to be sized down and re-wrapped. Analyze the measurements carefully!
    A + (2B + 2C) <= 2m and A <= 1m
  • You can choose for it to be shipped by air or by sea. Seamail takes very much longer (up to 3 months) but is also much cheaper. You can check Pos Malaysia parcel rates online.
  • Pos Malaysia has very strict weight brackets for sea mail (1, 3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 kg). If your parcel tips even 0.1 kg over a limit, you'll be charged for the next bracket. I put through a 14.8 kg parcel and I could get so close thanks to my reliable luggage scale. They are more accurate than bathroom scales for low weights such as parcels. There are many designs but I used this type:

    Taylor #8120 Digital Luggage Scale

[End of original post]

Although they claim to take up to 3 months for seamail to arrive, my package arrived in about 5 weeks, including the Christmas and New Year holidays. I'd say that's a pretty impressive speed, considering that airmail costs 3 times more but promises it within 2-3 weeks.

However, take note that Pos Malaysia's online parcel tracking system isn't reliable. It showed that it was sent to Customs at KLIA but no further updates after that. I got a bit nervous in the days leading up to my departure as the system kept telling me it hasn't left Malaysia and the Pos Laju staff could not provide any additional details. I was afraid it got lost or got stuck in Customs - I had a lot of nice clothes and shoes in there!

Luckily nothing untoward happened and it arrived at my temporary lodging, still in its unopened state (brown paper and twine).


Fredesterly said...

I really agree with your blog.I think sending parcel is the great idea..Thanks!
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Nadia Suchen said...

I asked pos Malaysia the price to send 20kg to NZ, and they mentioned that it is RM98.10. However, they said that it will be sent to the port in NZ and that the further costs of delivering it to the addressed location would require me to contact a local carrier there and get them to tell me what to do next. Is this really the case? I need help about this pretty bad as I will be flying in a couple of weeks.

Nadia Suchen said...

Also, do you know which port the parcels are sent to?

Zemien said...

Nadia, I have no idea about your questions. They definitely delivered to my address! You might try asking the Emigrate NZ online forum. Good luck!

Nadia Suchen said...

So all you did was send the package to Pos Malaysia and you didn't need to do anything else? Just pay the amount to them?

aminah salleh said...

I want to send my nephew some jerseys for his soccer team - like 16 sets of top, shorts n socks? Plus few more tshirts asked by his friends n family. Will the nz custom tax him for d parcel? How long will it take if I send them via air mail?

jacob20martin said...

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