23 February 2011

A Close Shave

I've accepted a job offer in Auckland, so I'll be taking a short break from blogging to settle lots of stuff related to starting work in New Zealand. As usual, those experiences will be turned into blog posts in the near future!

What I really wanted to mention is how devastating yesterday's Christchurch earthquake was. Last September's earthquake was huge but damage was minimal, while buildings literally crumbled to the floor yesterday. Case in point: the hostel I stayed in when I visited last fortnight is sadly no more. What if I decided to tour Christchurch this week instead? Or took up the job offer there?

My prayers extend to survivors and victims in Christchurch.


Belle said...

Congratulations Shawn, for your job...

See your message, then means you are safe and sound :) Great

rose rahim said...

I lives at Chrtistchurch when the EQ struck Christchurch. First we were shaken in the house,it's so scary. The second EQ struck, we were just 5 minutes pass at the Killmore St. Was in the car at that time, thinking am i dying..am i dying
This time was so devastated, seing the City Center like war zone.Totally breaks our heart..Somehow we all manage to get our life back and now already get used with the aftershocks.. Don't want to count anymore..Christchurch always be in our heart after Malaysia..:)