08 July 2009

Damn It!

Last night we had dinner at a Belgian restaurant called Morel's. Reviews highly recommended their mussels so we ordered that. Little did I know it would change my life forever.

You see, it was the best ****ing mussels I've ever had in my entire life!

I'm kinda angry now because the bottomline is: every mussel I have from now on will be compared to Morel's. And then I will get even angrier because I know Morel's is a 6.5 hour flight away, not exactly someplace I could go on a whim. I didn't even feel this strongly about Peking roast duck, so you know this is special.

I know what most guys think - mussels are like a poor man's version of oysters. A large shellfish as well, but it's a bit more chewy and less flavourful. Well, Morel's is different.

Imagine: boiled mussels so soft it offered no resistance when plucked from its shell. Merely a few bites later and it's sliding down your throat, making you lunge for the next mussel before everyone else finishes it.

Imagine: the smell and taste of fresh seafood without a sandy aftertaste.

Imagine: leftover jucies that are clear and tasty enough to be made into seafood chowder or a seafood broth.

THAT'S Morel's.

The mussels are imported, and I can see that they've cleaned each mussel individually. That's why there's no icky membrane and sand/mud deposits within the mussel. So there's none of that black stuff mucking up the taste as is common with other restaurant's mussels.

So that's why I say: Damn it!

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William said...

That's some mussel!