13 July 2009


I just recently bought a RM430 Nike iD dance shoe, but my other athletic shoe (for non-dance classes) have shown signs of wearing out. I have a feeling I might have to buy another pair of shoe before the end of the year! Damn... what a shame I can only claim up to RM300 for sports equipment in tax relief.


William said...

Claim from Dad.

SilverHaze said...

U should have bought an multi purpose aka All Conditions Gear shoe instead. One shoe suits all !!! X-C

Su Sian said...


Zemien said...

William: He will point to my new shoe and go, "Weren't you able to pay for THAT?"

SilverHaze: What to do, kaki gatal!

Su Sian: Hi! You found my blog! But let me warn you of the crushing boredom ahead.