25 November 2008

A Brief Story

More than 3 years ago, I posted on how I've (mostly) found salvation in wearing boxers instead of briefs. Well, I thought I'd revisit that position in this post.

As it turned out, I changed back to briefs more than a year ago. I really enjoyed the freedom of boxers, but ever since I joined the gym I had no choice but to drift back to briefs because I can't afford to be dangling the fruits so freely while doing BodyJam, BodyStep, etc. I would be genuinely interested to know if anyone actually does group exercise while wearing boxers.

One way I compromised for wearing tight briefs is to skip the underwear at night. All this while I always wore my boxers or brief to sleep, but I found new freedom in going commando. Anyway, it's just me on my bed. Not like I'll accidentally poke anyone in my slumber.


Mark said...

I ALWAYS go commando when I'm at home. Sometimes even at the gym XD

Zemien said...


Don't you already wear shorty shorts at the gym! Eww... what if you were bench pressing and I dropped my towel? Emotional scars!! 0_o

joshua said...

Like OMG!