17 September 2008



So I finally got the charcoal iPod Nano yesterday. When it was first announced I was interested in the Product (RED) version but they don't have it here in Malaysia so I went for the next best thing. I'm actually quite disappointed that the other colours looked really bad. It was all so delicious in the poster but the actual device colours looked either dull or Ah Beng-ish.

Anyway... it only took me an hour to fill up my 8 gigs of space. Should I have gone for the 16gb version?

I would say a minor downside is the slightly curved screen. Screen protectors will never be able to stick properly on it! Ever! Luckily it's made of glass so it won't scratch easily *crosses fingers*


Jackson Lim said...

Goodness, why you never squeeze in a little more cash and bought the Ipod Classic? It will definitely fit all your songs, and your movies, and your drama series, and.... You get the point...

Zemien said...

If you've actually held a Nano in your hand, you can't ever imagine buying a full size Classic. Old-fashioned design, bulky, & heavy!