05 September 2008


[Warning: This post is a brag-fest]

I've been teaching my free Thursday class (Cardio Fit) for a year now and last night, for the first time, they gave me a thank you gift!! They came up after class and presented me with a bag of goodies, to my amazement.
I teach that class for free as a "community service" of sorts, so I do not expect anything except gratitude in return. I was especially thankful that they thought I was worth giving an expensive gift for. I hope, in a small way, that I've created Fitness Magic for them (told you today was a brag-fest).

Anyway, I opened up my gifts as soon as I reached home. The pictures say all:

They were thoughtful enough to leave the Nike tag on so that I could exchange it if I didn't like it. Well, personally I find the design a little odd but I never reject people's thoughtfulness so I'll stick with the design. But it's a Large so I'll still need to get it exchanged with a Medium (or a Small, depending).

All in all, last night turned my mood around! I am still sombre about my BodyJam efforts at the gym, but that's for another post.


Mark said...

WOW...I'd best that made your day!

PS: Those mooncakes looks yummy and is made to be shared amongst friends *hint*

PSS: I could wear that...large Nike shirt for ya *hint hint*

I know I know...you'll be hunting new friends soon XD

Zemien said...

"I know I know...you'll be hunting new friends soon"

Sooner than that!! Who are you? :P

William said...

Siapa cakap jadi orang baik takde balasan... :P