27 May 2008

Preparations for BodyJam Training, Pt. 2

Most of the instructors I asked have warned me that I'll be on my feet most of the time during training. A forum member asked me to expect "16 to 18 hours of dancing each day". I can't remember the last time I was physically active for such long periods, so as a simulation I went for a class marathon last Sunday:

10.00am: Stretching (I had lower back pain that day)
10.30am: Tai Chi (easy!)
11.30am: BodyStep (take easy options - less propulsion)
12.30pm: BodyPump (go easy on squats, skip lunges)
1.30pm: Half of BodyBalance (leave after hip openers)
2.10pm: Rest, and lunch (whey and 1 yogurt snack bar)
2.30pm: BodyAttack (easy options - less propulsion)
3.30pm: Hip Hop (easy!)

Although I did not go all out in the classes (my lower back would have given out halfway) I finished feeling I could go on for another 3 classes. I wasn't a big fan of snack bars before this, but I now appreciate the convenience and energy provided by those overpriced sugar and flour confections.

Next milestone: Continue limbering up my stiff back and tight hamstrings with daily stretches.

Countdown: 9 days....

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Wilson said...

It's good to build up your stamina, but don't forget to take good care of your back ! Don't overdoing it.