02 May 2008

Eating My Words

OK.... I'll have to eat my words. Blend it, add some salt and oregano, and drink it all down. My previous post lambasted (hey! I used 'lambasted'!) Les Mills for apparently favouring Fitness First members.

Alright, so I was mistaken. Long story short I submitted my application and I got my confirmation letter yesterday. So yeah, I'll become a full fledged BodyJammer by 8th June if all goes well.

This is it! A milestone is finally in reach! The countdown begins! Dreams shall be fulfilled! (How many more cliched expressions can I conjure?)


William said...


Anonymous said...


Most instructors teaching Les Mills programmes are free lance ! They don belong to any gym just that they train in their respective programmes under a gym (no strings attached).

Please watch what you say the next time. Don let other instructors read your blog the next time.

Zemien said...

william: Thanks, but keep it for until I pass the course?

anonymous: Erm yes, I know abt your first paragraph. But I don't get your second paragraph. Preferential treatment is common in life.

Fact 1: When a BJ training was planned in Oct 07, Fitness First (the largest chain of gyms in Malaysia) did not hold any auditions. Consequently, not enough members signed up and it got canceled.

Fact 2: Weeks before it was officially announced on the LM website, FF was already holding auditions.

So it was from Fact 2 that I made my earlier (incorrect) assumption that FF wanted to keep the entire training for their members. Luckily I was wrong.

Anyway, if you're an instructor, thanks for stopping by & commenting. I don't plan to make enemies among future colleagues.