25 June 2007

Chemical Equation for Success

When I took my blogging leave of absence six months ago, I didn't know when I'd come back to haunt the blogosphere. I knew I wanted to keep blogging, but I never put a deadline on it. And you know- lah, the fear about these things is that we'll keep on postponing and postponing until it stops happening at all. Thankfully, a recent string of unhappiness gave me the push I needed to start writing again.

One of the major reasons I took a break was because I had simply run out of things to say. There was rarely anything in my life that was still unwritten, and as such my blog posts were becoming more like daily bulletins. So by taking this break I have allowed myself to accumulate life experiences that I can finally group together and tell you about. And let's just start with the blog name.

Zemien is still what I'm called, but hopefully, I can also be known as a sexy geek. I'm definitely far from that definition, but positive projection never hurt anyone. But sorry, no full frontal nudity to prove my point! Basically, my life now revolves around the gym and work (technology-related), so I've decided to steer my blog towards these topics, and therefore, the equation Gym + Technology = SexyGeek. BTW, I know the current banner sucks. It's just a placeholder until the graphic designer I hired gives me a new one. Yes, graphic designer. I'm SERIOUS.

For those of you who've been reading for awhile, welcome back. I fully commit to try out some Web 2.0 enhancements like... gasp!... embedded videos! Yeah, you'll certainly want to keep a lookout for those videos, especially those of you who have never met me in the flesh. But no more chatboxes or tweeters because those "free" plugins have a tendency to package pop-ups with them. But if you know an ad-free one...

Like any good theatrical trailer*, I must draw you into sticking with the blog and checking back regularly, so here's a quick update on some of the things that happened since Dec 26 (and what I'll be writing about):
  • I'm seeing someone (actually we started dating in November, but that's another post)
  • I'm a part-time group fitness aerobics instructor (ahh yes... that's the sweet sound of guaranteed blog hits)
  • I got a PS2 for free (no, you didn't read that wrongly. It's a PS2, not a PS3)
  • Did I mention I'm a gym aerobics instructor already?
And just to be fair, I'm starting my hit counter at 10000, which was the last reliable count. Why not start at 0? I'm kind, not stoopid.

*- I also hope that the actual content turns out better than the trailer. I'm looking at you, Spiderman 3!


Innocent^^Guy said...

Shit! Gym instructor? No way! No way!
Seeing someone? No way! No way!

KellYg@n said...

You are very professional!!People will thought u have at least 3 years experience without knowing the truth..hehe..Serious!!~~the class is always FULLHOUSE.At least 3 lorries of gals want to attend each time..but too bad the space is limited.ganbatte!~!~
o(^-^)o will continue support you until I fly.

Zemien said...

inno: Haha I knew you guys wouldn't believe. Wait for the videos.

kelly: Thanks for your compliments! I appreciate your support too!

I'm sure innocent^^guy will think that kelly is my girlfriend but sorry to disappoint him, she's just a fan of my class!!! LOL :P

Innocent^^Guy said...

did u took 6 months break to pick up the art of divination or wat!
First you saw how I was going to get you to pay for my trip. And now you can even tell what I'm thinking?
That's crap man!

Zemien said...

inno: Let's just say it's like Sharingan, but without the nasty red eye that goes along!

Innocent^^Guy said...

Nasty? Crap that's cool ok! I wanted to buy the sharingan contact lenses some time back! Dun insult! Argh....

Mitaku said...

gym instructor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zemien said...

inno: They created such lenses? Interesting...

mitaku: Actually it's group exercise instructor, which is a nicer word for aerobics

William said...

Welcome back. The kid has grown up I see. No more peeking from the corner. :D