01 December 2006

Vampire Traffic

It used to be that I could avoid heavy traffic by leaving earlier or much later. But it seems that traffic jams have become a permanent fixture around my work area. I leave at 5pm, jam. 6pm, jam. 7pm, ALSO jam. It is literally sucking the life out of me, hence the title. Perhaps for a future Bond film they can introduce a mad scientist who deliberately causes worldwide traffic jams to make everyone depress. And depression directly affects the number of babies born, and that can only mean unhappy fertility clinics and angry governments.

Read my last 2 sentences. More proof that I'm turning into a zombie who writes pointless and humourless posts.

Anyway, last week's microchip theft in Penang prompted the police to put up half-assed roadblocks, thus causing long queues as 5 lanes of traffic are funneled into 2 lanes. Plus, the roadblock is directly outside Penang's latest shopping arcade, Queensbay Mall (which opens today). I have to pass by that road every morning, and I shudder to think how traffic will be affected by Queensbay Mall. But, I think I'll be an emotionless zombie by then, so it wouldn't really matter.


Anonymous said...

Who knows, the police might chance upon a guy transporting the stolen microchips in an open truck while passing by the hottest new mall... Penang jams and KL jams, which takes the cake?

ZemieN said...

I think KL, for a long time, took the cake in terms of jam. But Penang is surely catching up. In the very near future, Penang will be enjoying the cake instead because unlike KL, we do not have alternative highways or routes during jams.

Then again, we don't have tollbooths every 500m. But let's focus on the negative here.