20 December 2006

Suspended Animation

I felt it, and I'm sure you all have too (as witnessed by the serious drop in posts and comments). I have lost some interest in blogging, no thanks to computer games! Last time, I would spend my free time blogging but nowadays I will boot up Windows on my iMac and play Prince of Persia (fantastic game). If I have a friend over, we'll play Marvel Ultimate Alliance (great co-op game). If I have a LOT of time to waste, I go kill some characters in Sims 2 (super time-waster).

As you can see, blogging is no longer a part of my day.

However, I won't go so far as to close my blog, as popular blogger Jay did. I am merely putting the blog on hold as I pursue my long lost hobby of computer games. I believe we move through life in phases, and this happens to be the phase of "non-blogging". I might put up a special post this Friday, but otherwise it'll be some time before I continue blogging regularly. That time I'll probably return with an all-new blog template.

As your audience is very appreciated, I suggest you keep track of my blog using RSS feeds. If you're using Firefox, it's very easy:
1. See your Address Bar. On the right corner there is a small orange icon with one white dot and two curves.
2. Click on it and add it to your Live Bookmarks. Those using Firefox 2.0 has a few more steps, but just get it into your Live Bookmarks.
3. Download the Fizzle Firefox extension and install it.
4. The next time just click on the Fizzle option under the Tools menu. It will open a page where you can see if my blog is updated or not.

This is just one of many ways to subscribe to RSS feeds. You can do it with any other blogs/news/websites that have that orange feed icon in the Address Bar. If you're already using RSS, congratulations! Add my site into your feeds and you'll know when I'm back without having to manually come here every so often.

Peace out - till we meet again.

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