05 August 2011

Coromandel Town to Auckland Ferry

This finally concludes my posts about this first trip I took when I first came to Auckland. FINALLY. I took this trip in the tail end of January and I'm only finishing it now. Phew.

Instead of taking a bus back to Auckland, I decided to take a ferry which would be faster and afford me different views. We sailed through the Hauraki Gulf, which is pretty sheltered and so had a smooth journey. The photos say it all:

One of my favourite photos from this trip

Beverages for your refreshment

Ample space to move and stretch

The engine is so loud, you wouldn't hear it playing anyway

Bikes travel free

Outgoing cruise ship, with the Auckland Harbour Bridge in the background

City skyline

Hmm how much do these apartments cost?
Thanks to PC and his flatmate who picked me up from the wharf and saved me another bus trip back.


Mister D said...

Looks like a great trip - good photos too

harry said...

Auckland is one of the best place of the world to visit. You had done such an great trip and all the photos are awesome.
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Nice snaps, I must says that you had done lots of fun and getting enjoyment on this beautiful place.
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