21 December 2009

145 Years Later

If you haven't caught Avatar in the cinema, don't miss it! I watched it in 3-D and it passed my Entertainment Rating* with a perfect score of 0!

Anyway, the most memorable scene for me has nothing to do with the war battles, alien lifeform, or eye-popping 3D. It was a short scene less than 5 seconds:

Sam Worthington's character, who is wheelchair-bound, was temporarily out of his avatar. He had been spending the whole day in his alternate character and had a short window to rest and recover.

In that scene, Sam was quickly wheeling himself away when Sigourney Weaver's character (the lead scientist), quickly pulled him back to his meal. She chastised him and made sure he ate, while both smiled sheepishly.

But why was Sam smiling sheepishly? What was he embarassed about? And then I saw it. In his other hand, he was holding.... *suspense*...... a Tenga Deep Throat! Though it was unlabeled, I knew what it was because I have one :$

In a nutshell, James Cameron managed to sneak in a scene to explore how soldiers of the future would satisfy their sexual needs. And also to show that Sam's character is a normal hot-blooded male who would prioritize a quick wank over eating.

James Cameron, I give you a standing O.

On a related note, would Tenga really still exist 145 years in the future (Avatar is set in year 2154)? Would it become standard issue equipment for men flying on deep space missions?

P.S. I did a rough Google search and I might be the first one to actually blog about this observation. Digg me up! :P

* Entertainment Rating: The number of times I check my watch, out of boredom. The lower the better!


William said...

Oooo... gift ideas!

Zemien said...

Oh yes, it makes an excellent gift!!

But it's totally overpriced here. Either get it from Japan or Bangkok (which I did).

E.g. I bought the Deep Throat for about RM40 in BKK but it's being sold here for RM90.

If you ever go to BKK, get the location from me ;)

Mark said...

Ah, gift ideas to put on my wishlist XD


Food Promotions said...

Hi Shawn, I've seen you in your cardio fit classes before :)

Zemien said...

Mark: Keep wishing ya?

Food Promotions: Hi! You saw me in my class but have you joined? Come and say hi ;)